Facility Renovation and Facade Refreshment Laibe Electric Technology Co.

We had the privilege of partnering with the project team to orchestrate the remarkable transformation of Laibe’s new location, infusing it with innovation and purpose. A brand-new entrance was thoughtfully integrated on the west side of the building, setting the stage for what lies within. Inside, renovations and thoughtful expansions were meticulously crafted. Laibe, an innovator in the realm of electrical and technological advancements, is committed to illuminating the path forward. As one of the region’s premier installers of voice, data, and fiber optic systems, they required a workspace that embodies modernity and fosters spontaneous collaboration. To achieve this, the layout was designed to facilitate effortless movement and interaction among employees. Sunlight streams through glass partitions, infusing the workspace with a dynamic, invigorating ambiance. The server room, boldly exposed, proudly showcases their state-of-the-art network structure, a testament to Laibe’s commitment to excellence and innovation.


• Innovation
• New Exterior Entry
• Collaboration Spaces
• Access to Daylight


Laibe Electric/Technology


Perrysburg, OH