Kenwood Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute Mercy Health System

The third floor of the Mercy Health Kenwood — Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute underwent a significant transformation, covering an area of 22,400 square feet. The objective was to establish a comprehensive facility for orthopedic services, featuring pod-based clinical examination rooms tailored for the Orthopedic practice, alongside the integration of advanced X-ray diagnostic equipment and an on-site Physical therapy center. This renovation aimed to provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for orthopedic care. Additionally, the strategic proximity of Mercy’s orthopedic research team in an adjacent suite enhances opportunities for collaborative initiatives within the medical practice.


• Orthopedic clinical space, x-ray rooms, Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Research office.
• Includes Human Performance Training space with cutting edge equipment including BodPod, Alter G Zero gravity treadmill, and Force plate.


Mercy Health Kenwood


Kenwood, OH