The Garden at Focaccia’s Focaccia’s

Focaccia’s, a family-run restaurant with a longstanding presence in Downtown Toledo, embarked on a remarkable journey of rebranding and expansion. Their philosophy of “dine, wine, and relax” now extends to “The Garden at Focaccia’s,” a captivating outdoor patio that redefines the art of alfresco dining. This enchanting oasis seamlessly marries architectural sophistication with the natural beauty of the outdoors, boasting a commanding 12 ft. by 8 ft. television screen that effortlessly weaves entertainment into the dining experience. At its heart lies a modern bar, meticulously designed to strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Focaccia’s, dedicated to unparalleled distinction, also collaborated with a local horticultural expert, whose expertise has sculpted a garden that transcends dining into a truly unique and immersive sensory experience.


• Restaurant Expansion
• Outdoor Patio
• Dining Experience




Toledo, OH