Long-term Acute Care Hospital Select Medical

The Mercy Health Saint Charles Hospital’s 4th and 5th floors underwent a remarkable transformation to accommodate the new Select Specialty Hospital in Oregon, marking a significant milestone in the regional expansion of the established Regency Hospital, owned by Select Medical. Our dedicated team conceptualized and crafted over 30 private patient rooms, meticulously designed to facilitate the recovery of critically ill patients. In line with Select Medical’s expertise, the facility is engineered to empower patients to regain their independence in fundamental aspects such as breathing, cognition, communication, nutrition, and mobility. Supporting spaces as well as administrative offices, a pharmacy, and a physiotherapy room were also part of the renovation. Consequently, this prime healthcare facility stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community through innovative design and exceptional care.


• Long Term Acute Care Hospital
• Patient Care
• Cardiac Condition Treatment
• Medically Complex Care
• Critical illness recovery hospital
• Post-acute care


Select Medical


Oregon, OH