Distillery, Bar, and Restaurant The Toledo Spirit Company

Toledo Spirits Co. finds its home within the storied walls of a historic warehouse nestled in Toledo’s Vistula Historic District. Our team embarked on a comprehensive architectural reimagining of the interior spaces, where the artistry of craft distillation converges with the creation of premium spirits that authentically capture the essence of the region. This transformative project unfolded through the meticulous renovation of the basement and first floor within the existing structure, seamlessly accommodating substantial distillation machinery while forging a harmonious connection between the basement and the elevated first floor. At the same time, we unveiled a culinary sanctuary featuring a modern kitchen, thoughtfully designed bar areas, and a versatile range of restaurant and dining spaces. This blend of style and function not only elevated the production facility but also extended Toledo Spirits’ cocktail narrative from the stills to the exquisite Bellwether cocktail bar, where patrons are invited to savor the art of libation in splendid surroundings.


• Renovation Project
• Craft Distillation
• Bar and Restaurant
• Historic Building


Toledo Spirits Co


Toledo, OH